[Solve] No APN specified on the device


A few weeks ago, I got updated Android 4.4.2 for Nexus 4. After I upgraded my phone.

I have noticed “No APN specified on the device” display on bottom of the screen when I turned mobile data on.

Once,this message appeared

- Battery was draining very fast.

- My Nexus 4 was hot and consumed high CPU all time.

So, my solution is reset APN configuration to default by these following steps.

  • Settings> Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Options at  the top right and then “Reset to default”

Regex to remove comments block containing specific words


Example code which contains block of code.

* @author: Bob 
* @since 28.mar.2008 


^/\*\*(?=(?:(?!\*/)[\s\S])*?@author: Bob)(?:(?!\*/)[\s\S])*\*/


^               # start-of-stringa
/\*\*           # literal "/**" (start-of-comment)

(?=             # begin positive look-ahead (...followed by)
  (?:           #   begin non-capturing group
    (?!         #     begin negative look-ahead (...not followed by)
      \*/       #       literal "*/"
    )           #     end negative look-ahead
    [\s\S]      #     anything, including newlines
  )*?           #   end group, repeat non-greedily
  @author: Bob  #   literal "@author: Bob"
)               # end positive look-ahead

                # ... now we have made sure there is "@author: Bob"
                #     before the end of the comment

(?:             # begin non-capturing group
  (?!           #   begin negative look-ahead
    \*/         #     literal "*/"
  )             #   end negative look-ahead
  [\s\S]        #   anything, including newlines (this eats the comment)
)*              # end group, repeat

\*/             # literal "*/" (end-of-comment)

Reference : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5433449/regex-to-remove-java-comments-block-containing-specific-words

Problem installing graphic card driver Radeon 8730m


A couple days ago, I had problem when I started to install AMD Radeon 8730M.

But when It’s finished, It was always showed warning following this.

For solving this problem, you must install primary graphic card before. In my case, I had to install Intel Graphic Card 4000 on my laptop first after that I installed AMD Radeon driver. It will show complete state.


Unable to install.NET Framework – Error message 0xc8000222


I am trying to install the .NET Framework without success. The following error message is displayed:

This problem may occur if the temporary folder of  Windows Update has been corrupted.
We can refer to the following steps to rename this folder:
1. Open a command prompt and type: net stop wuauserv
2. Click Start, click Run, type: %windir% and press Enter.
3. In the opened folder, rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to SDold.

4. Open a command prompt and type: net stop wuauserv
5. Try to install .NET Framework again.

Where is Disk Cleanup on Windows Server


I have found my disk spaces is almost full. So I started to find Disk Cleanup to remove some logs or temp files on my server.

I surprised my server didn’t build-in Disk Cleanup by default.

So, If you need to bring Disk Cleanup back to your server. You can follow my steps below.

Please note by default there are several features which are not installed on Windows Server 2008.

To install desktop experience, open Server Manager and choose Add feature, then select Desktop Experience to be installed.

This feature require Ink and Handwriting Services.


Finally, I have got Disk Cleanup back.

Hope this will help.

Error: Failure configuring Windows updates on Windows 8.


A few days ago, I have noticed my laptop always asked restarting for upgrading windows 8.

Therefore I have restart for starting windows update.

But unfortunately, There was prompt to me for restarting again.

I did not know what happen with my laptop.

I found out solution on Google and it gave me to Microsoft website.

This link is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358.

I have downloaded  “WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab”.

After that, I have launched this application.

It requires Administrator permissions.

Wizard for detecting problems

Finally, My windows has been fixed.

Hope this will help you!!

ankhsvn doesn’t integrated to Visual Studio


Ankhsvn is provide integration for SVN into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

But I have installed ankhsvn but when I open the website project in Visual Studio. It doesn’t show the version control icons in the Solution Explorer.

I found one thing to solve this problem. You need to go Tools > Options > Source Control > Select “Ankhsvn – Subversion support for Visual Studio”

Enable Hibernate on Ultrabook when BIOS was disable Hibernate


One of my pain point for me, when I had changed my labtop to Ultrabook (Acer S3).
I cannot use Hibernate feature beause I got error message about Hibernate feature was been disable from BIOS.
However, I found the solution. You just go to BIOS and disable Intel Rapid Start mode.
After that you go back to windows, you will enable Hibernate like charm!
See in this picture for enable Hibernate command.
(Right click on cmd and select run as administrator. ( start -> type cmd ->right click -> select run as administrator)

Hope this will helpful

Installing Google Drive on Windows 8 and python26.dll (error code 5)


Today, I just try to install Google Drive on windows 8. And I found tricky for complete installation with Google Drive.

First, I start Google Drive by this link. https://drive.google.com/

But It seems like download or starting for install is not working.

So I choose alternative way which Google gives to download googledrivesync.exe and install on PC.

But when I double click on googledrivesync.exe file, It doesn’t response anything.

I have to choose “run as administrator”.

Now, It’s working and install complete.

But I got “Error loading Python DLL: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\_MEI82962\python26.dll (error code 5)” and Google Drive can’t  start running.

To resolve this problem, you have to copy python26.dll and leave this file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive (or somewhere on Google Drive path)

Download :  python26

Something like this photo below.

Enjoy with Google Drive on Windows 8



Run as root with single line command without prompt on Linux


One of my failure, I tried to execute single command to server with SSH but I found when I executed as root.

It would be prompt to ask me about password.  So my command couldn’t complete.

So I found this solution should be something like this below.

echo [YourPassword] > auto_password
su - -c "[YourCommand]" < auto_password
rm auto_password

The first line,It will echo your password to auto_password file.

The second, this is important you can execute you command without prompt. Your password will be passed by auto_password file.

Last, This command will be remove your auto_password.

I hope this will help Linux novice like me.

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